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A modern style house is built on a site with high terrain variations. The flat exploitable roofing at different levels forms balconies and open areas, which comfortably descend to the slope.

At the lower part of the site there is a gazebo with a green roof in front of the main façade.


A modern house is built on a plot contiguous to the woods.   The center of the structure is comprised of a high-ceilinged living room with large panoramic windows and a gallery on the upper level.  A spacious area on the second floor faces a wonderful view to the village Opushkino and the wooded land.


The architectural interior design has been conceived as a prolongation of a laconic style of the house. A bespoke fireplace in the centre of the living room emphasizes the height of the main space, where the windows overlook the courtyard. The dining and living rooms as well as the gallery on  the second floor provide  light and spacious expanse, allowing to admire the view  to the wooded land from any point.


The cottage village Opushkino is located 38 kilometers from Moscow along the Novorizhskoe highway. Nefaproject has elaborated projects of standard and individual cottages, an entrance group and infrastructure facilities for the village. The projects were commissioned by agencies "Russian House of Real Estate" and  Skip".


The composition of a small private house consists of two levels. The third-floor area of the structure, envelopes with-in itself a study room as well as. The extended first floor is a public area with a kitchen, a dining room, and a fireplace hall. The walls of the cottage are made of brick however, the hinged wooden facade gives the cottage the right look of a modern chalet organically recessed in the surrounding terrain. 


The southern facade of a private house, consisting of 370 square meters is set towards the forest. The eastern wing of the cottage is raised above the ground level and forms a canopy over the wooden flooring in front of the living room. The house has a large basement with a cinema and a spa. The closed northern façade is almost devoid of windows and protects the house well from cold north winds.


The ‘city’ of Masterslavl is the first family theme park in Moscow, where children are introduced to different professions. It is located in the Moscow City complex and occupies two floors of the Mall.


The main staircase of this house stands out from the interior of the north facade. This architectural concept added a dynamic sense to the composition and allows to favorably isolate the upper private premises from the large public zone on the ground floor. The southern hanging facade at the forest side is in line with woods, and on the north boasts predominate white plastered surfaces.


The interior of this large mansion was designed in the style of Art Deco, which mostly complies towards the architecture and scale of the building. The design of the fireplace reminds the occupant of skyscrapers with its built-in stained-glass, and the walls of the central hall are lined with panels of rich wood.


The house, built on a plot contiguous to the woods.  The form and orientation of the plot determined a proper planning solution to locate all the main living quarters overlooking the forest side. High windows of a double-light living room in the central part of the building organically bind the interior with the natural environment.


The recreational complex in Mushkino is located on a plot consisting of 1000 hectares in a picturesque natural environment, 25 km from Kaliningrad. Besides the main brewery and a restaurant there is also a pond, a petting zoo and a beer garden on the territory of the plot. The production part of the complex project was carried out jointly with the technologists from the company Weinstephan.


The shape of the site where this modern mansion is located resembles a section of a circle, along the arc of which the forest adjoins the territory.  The planning solution allows to enhance a picturesque panorama of the forest from the windows of all the main premises of the house and to limit the views to the neighboring buildings


The architectural and town-planning concept of the low-rise complex building development on a 12 hectare site in Novo-Nikolskoye village of the Krasnogorsky District, Moscow Region, was undertaken by the request of Metra Development. The project provides for the construction of housing and facilities to enhance the infrastructure. A wide range of set layout residential buildings and a master plan of the village were professionally in cooperated in the process of the design.


An interactive family leisure center consists of a series of interrelated spaces, moving along the design, visitors can explore interesting natural phenomena and features of different cultures all over the planet Earth. Earthquakes, volcanoes, icebergs and caves are demonstrated in separate sections and equipped with operating mock-ups and interactive simulators for visitors.


The interior space of a children's education and entertainment centre. 
A part of the centre is the "outer space" exhibition.


The settlement, consisting of 43 residential houses is built 20 km west of Moscow in Krasnogorsky district near the village of Petrovo-Dalnee. Studio "Nefaproject" has designed the project of cottages on assignment for LLC "Metra Development".


The renovation project of the existing building, executed by our architectural studio, at the request of "Metra Development", provides the layout and redesign of the residential apartments in the high-ceilinged loft style designed premises. As well as boasting offices and a sport club as a compliment to the building.


The interiors of a large modern house with a library, winter garden and a swimming pool have been designed with full consideration of modern engineering systems and the use of energy-saving technologies.


The Golf Club "Rayevsky" is located on the Black Sea coast not far from the city Anapa. The golf course project was developed by the specialists of "Mokinski Golf-Sporanalogen". Architectural and Design Studio NefaProject designed the infrastructure and sports facilities, typical and individual residential buildings  and a community centre for the club.


The interior style has been designed to harmoniously comply with the classical architecture of the house. The kitchen, dining and living rooms on the ground floor constitute a single public space, with the bedrooms on the first floor as well as gym and a spa area in the basement


A billiard room designed in the loft style, situated in the attic over the technical premises of a private house


The winery is located at the top of the hill. The external space is conveniently designed for functional purposes; a visitors' parking lot, a pond, a main square and a park. Apart from the production facilities the winery complex is also provided with museum units, guest apartments and the manager's house.


The project of a kinder garden for preschool children is planned to be developed in a shopping and entertainment center in Moscow. Studio Nefaproject has fulfilled this project for the network of leisure centers "Masterslavl".


The project of a building complex on a plot of 3.3 hectares was collaborated on the request of  "Metra-Development". It consists of residential buildings with apartments ranging from 55 m2 to 110 m2, as well as hotels. In the lower floors of the building, there are fitness centres, restaurants and underground parkings.

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