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The ‘city’ of Masterslavl is the first family theme park in Moscow, where children are introduced to different professions. It is located in the Moscow City complex and occupies two floors of the Mall.


An interactive family leisure center consists of a series of interrelated spaces, moving along the design, visitors can explore interesting natural phenomena and features of different cultures all over the planet Earth. Earthquakes, volcanoes, icebergs and caves are demonstrated in separate sections and equipped with operating mock-ups and interactive simulators for visitors.


The interior space of a children's education and entertainment centre. 
A part of the centre is the "outer space" exhibition.

Architects: Harold Mosolov, Varvara Pischevskaya, Maria Bespalko, Sasha Gojevac

Total area: 1700 m2


The project of a kinder garden for preschool children is planned to be developed in a shopping and entertainment center in Moscow. Studio Nefaproject has fulfilled this project for the network of leisure centers "Masterslavl".

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