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The interior of this large mansion was designed in the style of Art Deco, which mostly complies towards the architecture and scale of the building. The design of the fireplace reminds the occupant of skyscrapers with its built-in stained-glass, and the walls of the central hall are lined with panels of rich wood.


The interior style has been designed to harmoniously comply with the classical architecture of the house. The kitchen, dining and living rooms on the ground floor constitute a single public space, with the bedrooms on the first floor as well as gym and a spa area in the basement.


Seashore location of the villa predominates interior cheerful light colors.  The main premises consist of dining, living and a fireplace, are all beneficially overlooking the sea front.

 Total area is 1300 m2


This renovation and reconstruction of a private house in Larnaca provides for an immense increase in useful space, the addition of an open veranda on the roof  and a complete redesign of the existing interior into a modern-colonial style to organically comply  with the architecture of the house and  natural ethnic environment.

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