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The Architectural and Design Studio NefaProject was  established in 1999 by architect Garold Mosolov. The studio has designed more than one hundred projects of different typologies, starting from cottage settlements and private houses to public and industrial buildings. With extensive experience in various interior designs and architectural building control supervision, allows the designers and architects of NefaProject to freely participate in all stages of the build and to be confident in the fact that the builders, during all the period of construction and interior refurbishment, would exactly follow the ratified drafts of the architectural concept on a turn-key basis. 


The Head architects of our creative team have acquired their architectural and engineering education in Russia, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. With a full professional awareness of this sphere, lets them carry out projects with the account of Russian and European design standards.


Working in a variety of different architectural styles and approaches in our projects, Nefaproject’s main activity is designing and bringing modern buildings and interiors into life. Meanwhile, we always take a keen interest in classical and modern forms, historical and regional vernacular styles. We do our best to find the right solution corresponding to the context of the existing historical environment, climatic conditions and ethnic traditions of the region, applying good knowledge of sustainable and cultural design.


A wide range of the projects implemented by the architectural studio comprise of small private interiors and large public complexes with an area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters, individual private houses and large settlements where the NefaProject architects designed and managed simultaneously the construction of dozens of  buildings.


Professional cooperation with reputable engineering companies is characterised by the engagement of a number of qualified participants in the design-making process in one form or another, depending on the size of the project and the characteristics of its typology.





Garold Mosolov obtained his architectural education at the Moscow Architectural Institute MARKHI (MARKHI is accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects ‘RIBA’).

Before entering MARCHI, he had graduated from the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute as an engineer – constructor, after which he had been working for several years as an engineer in a large design organization.

In 1999 he founded and established his own architecture and design studio, having been the head of it since the time of its foundation.  



Egor obtained Master degree in Sustainable Architecture, University of Nicosia in 2016, with an academic specialization in the area of Eco-friendly and energy-efficient design.

Before entering the university, he had finished the Moscow College of Architecture and Construction No. 7.

Since 2010, Egor has been engaged in project design at   NefaProject studio as an architectural assistant, an architect and a Head architect.



In 2017 Dimitry obtained his Master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture from the University of Nicosia, with an academic specialization in the area of Eco-friendly and energy-efficient design.

In 2012 he obtained a Bachelor degree in Architecture from London Metropolitan University and in 2008, he graduated from Cambridge Arts & Sciences College.

From 2014-2016 he worked in London at an architectural practice, Model Projects Ltd.

Since 2016 he has been engaged at NefaProject Studio as an architect and a Head architect.



Constantin is the Head of 3D-modeling. He has been engaged at NefaProject Studio since 2005, took part in the majority of the studio’s projects as a 3-D modeling professional and an interior designer.

T +357 99 728470   NefaProject


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