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A modern style house is built on a site with high terrain variations. The flat exploitable roofing at different levels forms balconies and open areas, which comfortably descend to the slope.

At the lower part of the site there is a gazebo with a green roof in front of the main façade.


A modern house is built on a plot contiguous to the woods.   The center of the structure is comprised of a high-ceilinged living room with large panoramic windows and a gallery on the upper level.  A spacious area on the second floor faces a wonderful view to the village Opushkino and the wooded land.


The composition of a small private house consists of two levels. The third-floor area of the structure, envelopes with-in itself a study room as well as. The extended first floor is a public area with a kitchen, a dining room, and a fireplace hall. The walls of the cottage are made of brick however, the hinged wooden facade gives the cottage the right look of a modern chalet organically recessed in the surrounding terrain. 


The southern facade of a private house, consisting of 370 square meters is set towards the forest. The eastern wing of the cottage is raised above the ground level and forms a canopy over the wooden flooring in front of the living room. The house has a large basement with a cinema and a spa. The closed northern façade is almost devoid of windows and protects the house well from cold north winds.


The main staircase of this house stands out from the interior of the north facade. This architectural concept added a dynamic sense to the composition and allows to favorably isolate the upper private premises from the large public zone on the ground floor. The southern hanging facade at the forest side is in line with woods, and on the north boasts predominate white plastered surfaces.


The house, built on a plot contiguous to the woods.  The form and orientation of the plot determined a proper planning solution to locate all the main living quarters overlooking the forest side. High windows of a double-light living room in the central part of the building organically bind the interior with the natural environment.


The shape of the site where this modern mansion is located resembles a section of a circle, along the arc of which the forest adjoins the territory.  The planning solution allows to enhance a picturesque panorama of the forest from the windows of all the main premises of the house and to limit the views to the neighboring buildings.

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