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is a Cyprus-based architectural studio that is
ETEK registered and licensed to sign architectural drawings. Since our establishment in Cyprus in 2011, we have been actively involved in the design and supervision of a number of elite segment projects. The studio is currently engaged in the design of an office for an IT company, the interior design of the "Trilogy" towers, the design of office buildings in Limassol, and several architectural projects for private clients and restaurant interiors.

Founded in 1991 by architect Garold Mosolov, NefaProject has designed over five hundred projects across different countries
and climate zones. These include the design of cottage settlements and private houses, as well as public and industrial buildings. Our extensive experience in various interior designs and architectural building control supervision allows us to confidently participate in all stages of construction, ensuring that builders adhere to the approved architectural drafts on a turnkey basis.

The senior architects of the company have received their education in Russia, Cyprus, and the United Kingdom, enabling the company to undertake projects in accordance with both Russian and European design standards. The diverse educational backgrounds of our architects permit them to incorporate a wide range of architectural styles and approaches, with a primary focus on modern buildings and interiors. Furthermore, we maintain a strong interest in both classical and modern forms of architecture, as well as historical and regional vernacular styles. The objective is to identify the most appropriate solution that is in harmony with the existing historical environment, climatic conditions, and ethnic traditions of the region. Our designs are informed by a commitment to sustainable and cultural design principles.

Range of projects

NefaProject has implemented a diverse range of projects, encompassing both small private interiors and large public complexes exceeding 6,000 square metres. Furthermore, the company has designed individual private houses and large settlements. Our architects have simultaneously designed and overseen the construction of numerous buildings. The company has considerable experience in the design and implementation of large-scale projects in Russia, including private residences, commercial premises and public facilities in Moscow and other regions. The company has been active in Russia for a period of 30 years. In Russia, we have collaborated with a number of notable companies, including Metra, Russian Real Estate House, and Donstroy.

Our professional collaboration with reputable engineering companies ensures that our design process benefits from the involvement of qualified participants, tailored to the size and characteristics of each project. This collaborative approach enables us to deliver high-quality, contextually appropriate architectural solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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